NanoScent COVID-19 Novel COVID-19 POC Screening Tool Based on Proprietary Nano-Sensors and ML Techniques

Grant number: 961108

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    EC (Horizon)
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    Israel, Eastern Mediterranean
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    Pathogen: natural history, transmission and diagnostics

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The NanoScent core technology is based on proprietary and patent-protected nano sensors coupled with machine learning algorithms. At the heart of the solution is the ability of sensing and recognizing scents. Combining novel chemical nano sensors with advanced machine learning techniques, NanoScent technology tackles the challenging tasks of VOCs detection faced by the industry, organizations, authorities and individuals. NanoScent scent recognition system consists of low-cost, easy-to-use, fast-responding, high-sensitive Chemiresistor Sensors; Scent Recorder; and Scent Recognition Software. There is no effective method for early stage screening COVID-19, for the purpose of effective virus spread prevention. For example, gold standard -PCR method has €100s cost, intended for use by professionals at qualified laboratories, and has 1-2 days result delivery time, in contrast real-time and low-cost thermometer method has very low sensitivity and specificity, meaning that many people infected in COVID-19 may not be identified on time and immediately be isolated from healthy people. We truly believe that our technology could serve to help in the global effort of effective prevention of the spread of viruses. We are already commercializing our application for different industries. The COVID-19 and a long list of potential clients contacting us for a solution made us prioritize the detection of COVID-19. Founded in 2017 by two experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, NanoScent Ltd. is developing a scent recognition technology for the aims of people safety, personal wellbeing, environmental protection and energy efficiency. NanoScent offers a system to visualize scent - scientifically referred to as a mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in order to let industry, organizations, authorities and individuals make better decisions based on a new set of 'eyes' on everyday processes with an aim to protect the community from dangerous compounds.