ADVOS-COVID-19 Increasing Survival of Patients with Severe SARS-CoV-2 Infection and/or Multi Organ Failure by up to 30% with ADVOS - ADVanced Organ Support

Grant number: 961745

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    Germany, Europe
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    Clinical characterisation and management

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    Supportive care, processes of care and management

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ADVITOS` innovation - the ADVOS therapy system - has the potential to increase the survival of COVID-19 patients suffering from severe multi organ failure (MOF). First published clinical data show that ADVOS improves survival by up to 30% in critically ill patients on intensive care. The first COVID-19 patient with MOF is being treated with ADVOS in Germany at present with promising results. ADVITOS is a SME instrument Phase 2 beneficiary: ADVOS 880349 for device usability improvement, IoT integration, and market expansion (2.3m€ grant). Following the urgent EU call for corona solutions, we apply now for the blended finance option to speed up device production and installation in Germany and other EU countries. The applied funding and equity is necessary in therapy application, service and sales resources as well as accelerated clinical evidence for medical indication guidance. Integrating fluid-based blood oxygenation for comprehensive lung support and AI/digital capabilities will achieve additional therapy and outcome improvement. Each year, 60% of intensive care patients - 500,000 individuals in Western Europe and the US - die of MOF. The coronavirus outbreak will further increase this number dramatically as COVID-19 often leads to MOF. The innovative ADVOS therapy has the potential to revolutionize intensive care therapy of patients worldwide, as it is the 1st and only blood purification therapy combining liver, lung, kidney support and direct blood pH correction in 1 device (technology leader in removal of liver toxins and fast extracorporeal blood pH correction). It will help to save lives in the current Corona crisis. The ADVOS therapy is low-invasive as standard hemodialysis, so it can support by far more ICU patients than other devices (that have a higher risk profile). This relates especially to the removal of CO2 (by ADVOS) which relieves the lung and reduces the need/invasiveness of ventilation.