CytoTrack Wearable diagnostic for inflammation tracking for personalized patient care among at-risk patients

Grant number: 961703

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    Switzerland, Europe
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    Clinical characterisation and management

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    Supportive care, processes of care and management

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Xsensio is an innovation-driven Swiss company dedicated to solving one of the biggest challenges for personalized medicine: the lack of real-time, continuous monitoring of health parameters in patients. Xsensio has built the highly modular CytoTrack breakthrough sensing platform to continuously and non-invasively track biochemical information as a wearable system and offer critical health insight in real time. CytoTrack has potential to continuously monitor inflammatory markers that tend to suddenly increase in at-risk patients, when infected by influenza-related viruses (e.g. COVID-19), or when undergoing powerful oncology treatments, exposing them to severe life-threatening organ failure. We have a passionate team of 7 PhDs, engineers and business people with expertise ranging from biochemistry and nanofluidics to data analytics and healthcare marketing, all committed to making the Lab-on-SkinTM a daily reality impacting tomorrow' s healthcare. In 2018, a 2-year agreement was signed with a top 10 biopharma company to leverage our cutting-edge solution for their oncology pipeline. Xsensio received many awards internationally, e.g. CES Innovation Award 2020 given to the world's best innovations. Xsensio plans to grow a large, successful company, that becomes a European success story. While the preferred exit is an IPO, Xsensio remains open to other opportunities, including a trade sale. The milestones targeted in this proposal are critical to the future of Xsensio: they allow the company to build a strong platform of game-changing complementary diagnostic monitoring for the pharma industry to help predict the likely response and likely severe toxicity of their drugs during drug development and post-market surveillance. Investment from the EIC is critical to Xsensio as efforts to raise funds have proven to be challenging in the absence of preclinical data, putting the validation phase at risk of being delayed. Xsensio welcomes blended finance from the EC.

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