Meet the Team

Our team working on Pandemic PACT

The Pandemic PACT Programme is led by researchers at the Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford where the GloPID-R Research and Policy team is hosted within the Policy and Practice Research Group. We work closely with our partners at UKCDR and collaborators at Cochrane South Africa. 

  • Alice Norton

    PI; Head - GloPID-R Research & Policy Team- PSI Policy & Practice Research Group

  • Louise Sigfrid

    Louise Sigfrid

    RRNA Lead and Senior Clinical Research Specialist

  • Duduzile Ndwandwe

    Duduzile Ndwandwe

    Project Lead for Cochrane South Africa

  • Daniela Toale

    Programme Manager

  • Adrian Bucher

    Adrian Bucher

    Senior Data Analyst, UKCDR

  • Thomas Mendy

    Thomas Mendy

    Research Data Manager

  • Emilia Antonio

    Emilia Antonio

    Research & Policy Officer

  • Omid Rohanian

    Omid Rohanian

    Post-Doctoral Research Scientist in Machine Learning

  • Rodrigo Furst

    Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

  • Marieke de Swart

    Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

  • Yonela Ntamo

    Yonela Ntamo

    Research Assistant, Cochrane South Africa

  • Nusrat Jabin

    Nusrat Jabin

    Research Assistant

  • Marakiya Moetlediwa

    Marakiya Moetlediwa

    Research Assistant, Cochrane South Africa

  • Shanthi Levanita

    Research Assistant

  • Zaharat Kadri-Alabi

    Research Assistant

  • Paolo Cerrado

    Paolo Cerrado

    Research Assistant

  • Amen-Patrick Nwosu

    Amen-Patrick Nwosu

    Research Assistant

  • Sandrena Frischer

    Research Assistant

  • Walwala Hashimi

    Walwala Hashimi

    Administrative Assistant

  • Nicolas Pulik

    DPhil Student