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    Prognostic factors for disease severity

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DECOVID aims to address urgent questions that are actionable to frontline clinical and operational staff at a local (NHS hospital) level to support better care and management in the time scale of the COVID-19 pandemic; from being reactive to predictive; to inform what best practice could be, and then share this as rapidly as possible across the NHS and beyond. Our approach is to establish a unique granular, acute care medical database during the COVID-19 crisis, by targeting digitally mature hospital trusts (those with electronic health records) and incrementally collecting all acute care activity across all NHS Trusts to support high quality data capture from the start to the end of the current pandemic. These data will in turn be linked into existing national datasets, such as from primary care, in order to allow for greater understanding into the pre-morbid states of patients with the coronavirus, and therefore the window of intervention.