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With Aldersgate Group we are working on inputs to the emerging discussions on a green recovery in the UK. Through the Club of Rome (of which Director Tim Jackson is a member) we are working on similar themes in the context of the EU (Tim was in a virtual meeting with Frans Timmermans - the executive vice-president of the Commission for instance). We are feeding (sensitively) into the media discussions around implications, recovery, lifestyles, work and so on. And we have initiated some specific bits of work which expand and extend our research programme in response to the crisis. For example, with Aldersgate Group we are looking at some input-output analysis (drawing on our existing work) that could identify jobs-rich green recovery options. We are also doing a piece of econometric work on the antecedents of COVID-19 mortality rates, trying in particular to understand the rather large differences in mortality rate between countries. (This project is part funded by some internal funds that we have been able to leverage - actually from before the crisis, but it involves one of our part-CUSP-funded researchers.)

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