Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic (RAMP - Edinburgh central admin)

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Since the pandemic began, many thousands of researchers have had their work interrupted, with no access to laboratory equipment or travel. They stand willing and to contribute to COVID modelling effort. RAMP addresses the need to coordinate and focus the efforts across the UK. Computer modelling is perhaps unique as an area where capacity is actually enhanced by the lockdown, although we will continue to coordinate projects with new or repurposed funding once restrictions are relaxed until the crisis is truly over. The unique situation of lockdown and unprecidented importance of COVID has meant that the generation of new knowledge has advanced apace without direct funding. Thousands of apparently COViD related preprints have appeared across medarXiV, arXiV and other preprint servers, and in the inboxes of all prominent scientists in the field. However this body of work is unfocussed, hugely repetitive and often lacks the specificity to deal with the details of the actual crisis we face. The central aim of this project is to provide focus to this effort, and facilitate the knowledge transfer to policy-making. In addition, we are and will continue to act as a channel for addressing policy questions to the community and escalating promising avenues of work to decision-makers, with co-membership of RAMP and the government's SPI-M and SAGE committees. RAMP provides a mechanism by which useful work which does not require direct funding can get underway immediately.

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