Rapid Prototyping and Deployment of a Therapeutic Pan-Coronavirus Fusogenix DNA Vaccine Engineered to Eliminate ADE

  • Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Research Nova Scotia
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Grant number: 172710

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    Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Research Nova Scotia
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    Canada, Americas
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    University of Alberta Experimental Oncology
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    Vaccines research, development and implementation

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    Pre-clinical studies

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In this project, this team will rapidly develop, validate and clinically evaluate a novel DNA Vaccine against COVID-19 utilizing well-validated Fusogenix proteolipid vehicle (PLV) intracellular delivery platform. The use of a plasmid DNA vaccine will allow us to utilize multiple epitopes from key immunogenic SARS-COV-2 proteins, generating protection against structural components of the novel coronavirus, which should not only protect against viral entry but provide a robust cell-based response during active infection. Working with an international multi-disciplinary team including investigators at University of Alberta, Dalhousie University, Entos Pharmaceuticals, VIDO, EpiVax, Virscio and a pharmaceutical partner, we will rapidly prototype, validate and clinically evaluate a pan-coronavirus DNA vaccine. Clinical trials will be initiated at the Canadian center for Vaccinology in Halifax within 8 weeks of project initiation, with the goal of a commercial release within one year.

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