Expansion of SARS-CoV-2 Testing Supplement, Chicago Clinical Trials Unit

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Parent Award Project SummaryThe Chicago Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU) is a consortium of five Clinical Research Sites (CRSs) which willaddress three priority clinical research areas of the NIAID: 1) adult HIV therapeutic strategies including HIVcure, noninfectious comorbidities, and infectious co-morbidities of hepatitis and tuberculosis; 2) vaccines toprevent HIV; and 3) integrated HIV prevention strategies. The CCTU consists of five highly experienced andscientifically productive CRSs that are uniquely positioned to develop, implement and adapt the clinicalresearch priorities of the NIAID clinical research priority areas. The CCTU has a proven track record and willcontinue its productivity through active engagement with a diverse host of at risk and HIV-impactedcommunities, participation in high impact, ground-breaking clinical research studies, efficient management ofresources and critical performance oversight of the clinical activities, laboratories, and pharmacies. The CCTUincludes CRSs and personnel that have long term and productive involvement with three of the researchnetworks; the fourth-antibacterial resistance-being a new network in this consortium. The CRSs and theirnetwork affiliations include: Northwestern University (adult HIV therapeutic strategies); University of IllinoisChicago (vaccines to prevent HIV, integrated HIV prevention), Rush University (adult HIV therapeuticstrategies), University of Chicago (integrated HIV prevention strategies) and Trinity Health & Wellness Center(adult HIV therapeutic strategies). Four of the CRSs are located in Chicago, an ethnically and racially diverseurban area of 9.5 million persons that is the third largest metropolitan region in the United States and one ofthe major urban HIV epicenters. The aims of this proposal are: development, implementation and adaptation ofthe clinical research program of the 1) Adult HIV Therapeutics Strategy Network, 2) the Vaccines to PreventHIV Network, 3) the Integrated HIV Prevention Strategies Network, and 4) Bidirectional engagement of therelevant and at risk HIV-infected/impacted communities with the CCTU clinical researchers. The CCTU is wellpositioned to reach diverse populations and contribute significantly to the NIAID research agenda.