Improvise, adapt, overwork? Understanding and learning from hospitals' adaptations to COVID-19 and their effects on professional functioning and recovery.

  • Funded by Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW)
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Grant number: 1.043E+13

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    Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW)
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    Netherlands, Europe
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    Maastricht University
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    Health Systems Research

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    Health service delivery

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Project description The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing hospitals to adapt their daily work habits. These adjustments take place under great pressure, without it being clear which ones work well and which ones have a negative effect. This can have major consequences for the functioning of hospitals and their staff. This project therefore examines which adjustments hospitals are making during the COVID-19 crisis, which are or have been successful, how these adjustments come about and how they are implemented. In addition, the project investigates the effects of these adjustments on the functioning of healthcare personnel. The emphasis is on the sustainable employability of healthcare personnel and their daily recovery after work. Finally, the best practices identified throughout the project are shared with hospitals across the country and published internationally. In this way, the project contributes to an agile and COVID-19 resistant care system.