Supporting family members of isolated, life-threatening ill patients with COVID-19 who have been admitted to intensive care

  • Funded by Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW)
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Grant number: 844001801

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    Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW)
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    Netherlands, Europe
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    Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc
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    Health Systems Research

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    Health service delivery

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    Adults (18 and older)

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    CaregiversHealth Personnel


Project description At the time of the corona crisis, it is even more difficult to inform and support family members of isolated COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care (IC) and isolated. Attention to loved ones is very important, especially in times of crisis. That is why ad hoc initiatives have emerged in various places to be able to offer good information and support to loved ones. Research We evaluate these initiatives to gain insight into how best to support loved ones in future, similar situations. This is done by means of questionnaire research and in-depth interviews with family members, IC staff and care providers who provided the extra support. Expected results After discussion with experts, the results will be incorporated into a guide with practical advice. Expected impact Better support for family members in future, comparable situations, because the guide makes it more feasible to start up a good support initiative.

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Support for relatives in the intensive care unit: lessons from a cross-sectional multicentre cohort study during the COVID-19 pandemic.