Epidemiology - The REACT Programme

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Grant number: C19-IUC-273

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    UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
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    United Kingdom, Europe
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    UK Dementia Research Institute
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    Epidemiological studies

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    Disease transmission dynamics

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The REACT programme, the largest of its kind, is a series of studies that are monitoring how the COVID-19 virus is spreading across England. Commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care, the REACT series of studies are being carried out in partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Ipsos MORI. The research is offering insight into infection rates broken down by geography, age, sex, ethnicity, key worker status and symptoms. REACT is the largest study of its kind and offers a comprehensive approach to antigen and antibody testing including a large sample (5000+) of keyworkers. REACT 1 and REACT 2 participants are to be followed up via NHS records. Patients who tested positive for COVID-19 (either antigen or antibody) will be followed up for neurological diseases via NHS records.