Reusable and high performance consumer face masks to protect against COVID-19

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Alongside other measures, public use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and particularly face masks can help to reduce transmission of the COVID19 virus. Public use of face masks is increasingly being recommended by public health bodies around the world. It is important that certified medical masks and respirators are prioritised for medical workers however. Current, non-medical face masks available for the public have limitations. Single use, surgical style masks, are not durable for reuse but using a new mask after each trip out would be expensive and create large amounts of waste. Cloth face masks that can be homemade or bought from textile and fashion companies are often better than no protection but these lack reliable testing and certification. They also must be used, removed and washed carefully. A consumer pollution mask can give better protection but is not specifically designed for infection control and may not be comfortable for long periods of use. We are testing a reusable face mask prototype which could effectively reduce transmission and can be quickly tested and manufactured. The mask is sustainably produced, durable, washable, and comfortable whilst offering good filtration performance. In this project we are working to produce and test improved prototypes and to scale production. In response to the COVID19 crisis, a huge new industry in consumer PPE is emerging. We are well positioned to help and to promote UK innovation in this field.